Aroma Pals – Aromatherapy Toys Australia

Aroma Pals (Aromatherapy Toys Australia) were developed by Aromatic Boutique. Aroma Pals are super soft and cuddly aromatherapy toys that can be personalised by using your favourite Aroma Pals essential oil or blend.


These beautiful toys are lovingly created in Australia by a small family business. They are high quality and measure around 50cm in height.


Unlike other aromatherapy toys on the market, Aroma Pals do not use synthetic fragrances, wheat bags, scent beads or dried lavender.


Just open the child safe zipper on the bottom, take out the stuffing pod and remove the fragrance cartridge from the velcro pocket. Add 6-8 drops of essential oil to the fragrance pad inside the cartridge and place back inside the pocket inside the toy and zip back up again.


Each toy comes with one reusable fragrance cartridge and 5 fragrance pads so you can switch between your favourite Aroma Pals essential oil or blend. Spares are also available to purchase.


This special fragrance cartridge keeps the fragrance pad contained so that the inside of the toy does not become stained with essential oil. This also prevents the scent from remaining on the toy when switching to a new essential oil blend.


The combination of Aroma Pal toys and essential oils may help to comfort and soothe children, uplift mood, assist during a cold or flu or promote a calm and restful sleep. Aroma Pals are not just for kids, the toys and blends can be used by adults too!
Aroma Pals 100% pure essential oils and blends have been created by a certified Australian aromatherapist to be safe for use on children. These oils can also be used in an ultrasonic diffusers, with aromatherapy jewellery or diluted for topical application. (Please see product description for usage instructions).


All Aroma Pals are machine washable. The stuffing pods can be removed to allow for easy cleaning. Recommended for ages 2 and up. Please keep the essential oils out of reach of children.


5 cute Aroma Pals are currently available with more coming soon!

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