Get into the festive spirit!

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These cute holiday warmers & diffusers have arrived at Aromatic Boutique. Golden Stag Illumination Warmer Cosy Cottage Pluggable Fragrance Warmer Christmas Cottage Illumination Warmer Snowy 2-in-1 Flickering Fragrance Warmer Santa Claus Pluggable Fragrance Warmer Santa Claus Illumination Warmer Golden Fir … Continued

Aroma Pals – Aromatherapy Toys Australia

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Aroma Pals (Aromatherapy Toys Australia) were developed by Aromatic Boutique. Aroma Pals are super soft and cuddly aromatherapy toys that can be personalised by using your favourite Aroma Pals essential oil or blend. These beautiful toys are lovingly created in … Continued