Aroma Pals – Aromatherapy Toys Australia

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Aroma Pals (Aromatherapy Toys Australia) were developed by Aromatic Boutique. Aroma Pals are super soft and cuddly aromatherapy toys that can be personalised by using your favourite Aroma Pals essential oil or blend. These beautiful toys are lovingly created in … Continued

Safe Essential Oils For Children

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I did cover this topic in my ‘Essential Oils For Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Baby‘ article.  However I thought I would copy the information and chart across concerning kids in general for easy reference. SAFE ESSENTIAL OILS FOR CHILDREN CHART ? UNSAFE … Continued

Essential Oils For Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Baby

  I have attempted to write this post for sometime after having my baby Rosalie in June 2015. I have discovered that there is a fair amount of confusion online regarding which oils are safe. Even though essential oils are … Continued