Essential Oil Safety On Social Media

I have been questioning for awhile whether to post this article. As with my other essential oil safety posts, I understand that there may be some kind of back lash as it does tend to focus on MLM companies. However … Continued

Should I ingest essential oils?

  I wrote a post on this a few years back and thought I would touch on the subject of essential oil ingestion again. It’s still a hot topic that has become quite controversial in the field of aromatherapy. I still … Continued

Essential Oil Topical Dilutions

  I often get asked what percentage of essential oil should be diluted in carrier oil. With the amount of recipes posted on social media by essential oil reps, it’s no wonder that people are confused.  Not a day goes … Continued

Essential Oil Safety

ESSENTIAL OIL PRECAUTIONS TO CONSIDER Please note that this is a general safety guideline and not intended to insight fear regarding the use of essential oils. Essential oils are approximately 70 times stronger than the plant that they came from, … Continued